Livestock Sales

Genetics to help your success

When it comes to quality stock, you have to look for quality breeders.  As breeders of heritage livestock, we have selectively bred and chosen our breeding stock to perform under pasture based systems.  We have focused our breeding with Scottish Highlands targeting a frame score of 5 or higher. Our highlands have good growth rate, are excellent mothers, calve easy and have gentle temperaments.  They are ideal candidates for beef programs with mature steers 26-30 months under the proper feeding programs hanging at 700lb or more.  We also focus on color genetics as our bull is a Heterozygous silver bull.  We hope to obtain a homozygous bull calf from him and one of our black cows guaranteeing the sliver genetics will be passed to calves.  If you're looking to enhance your herds color, let us know.   

For our Hereford pigs we have focused on foundation body styles with larger shoulders. Seed stock will only be sold registered, with proper markings, and gentle personalities.  Our pigs are born on pasture in the spring, summer, and fall months.  In winter months we do have a small unheated barn area that the sows can come and go into as they please in order to shelter the piglets from unnecessary elements.  Our sows are all able to farrow unassisted and have larger than typical litters with our litters ranging from 10-16 piglets weaning.  We are working with Genalysis to DNA our entire breeding herd to have scientific data behind our goals of large litter sizes, good feed conversion ratios, and meat quality. 

If you would like to be put on our waiting list for pigs or have specific questions please contact us.  There is typically a waiting list for each litter of pigs we have and we only sell select heifers and bulls.