From Our Farm to Your Family's Table

Pasture-raised foods your can eat with confidence

If your wondering where the name Rax and Trax originated you are not the only one! When we met Mike was a die hard hunter and Lacey lived to ride horses.  He was busy chasing Rax and she left Trax on his heart…  The rest is history.  Rax and Trax is our brand, our life, and our passion.  We both love the outdoors and have a rich history with farming.  We both grew up around a variety of farm animals and living the farm life chasing chickens, sheep, cows, pigs, ponies, and deer!  With our deep roots in farming and the outdoors Rax and Trax was bound to come to life, once fate brought us together.  It hasn’t been an easy or glamourous adventure but it has been filled with love and our mutual passion for the outdoors and farm way of life.

We don’t raise your typical cows and pigs here at Rax and Trax either.  Mike was raised with Scottish Highland Cows and he knew long before we ever purchased our first cow that was the cows he wanted to raise. These cows have a long coat and large horns.  They take almost twice as long to grow as a black angus but the health attributes are incomparable to any other bovine today.  Due to their coats they don’t grow the layer of fat other cows do so they are genetically predisposition to have less fat and lower cholesterol than even fish and chicken.  If you haven’t tried it call us and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

We tried a variety of pigs but wanted a better pig. Something that was genetically stronger than the commercial pink pigs we all see today, thrived on pasture environments, and tasted better.  We did a lot of research, trial and error, and have landed with the Hereford Pig.  Why? One interaction with these pigs and you would understand.  They are an American Bred Hog that originated here in Central America and are bred to do well on pasture.  Did we mention they are a red meat pig? So they are NOT just another white meat.  This pork is rich in flavor, so much so that when a non-pork lover gives in and tries it we guarantee they will love it or will buy the empty package back!

Our slice of paradise is based out of Amsterdam in Southern Carroll County Ohio on 100 acres.  We have spent the last several years rebuilding this beef farm and making it live again. Our goal is to provide affordable healthy food to the region. Knowing what is in your food is important, knowing how it is raised and handled is imperative.  In our journey we hope to meet a lot of new people and provide them with the education and nutrition necessary to help agriculture stay alive and nourish everyone’s family.  Drop us an email, give us a call, stop on by there’s always an adventure waiting.